Wednesday, December 9, 2009


pas smbhyg maghrib td, den sajo2 la bkk drawer dlm bilik den..
pastu jumpo la mcm2 bondo best..
dlm byk2 tue, yg plg best den jumpo fail den time skola dl..belek punyo belek..
den jumpo bbrp koping kertas A4..
ad krgn atas kertas tue..


Last Monday, my friends and I went to ghost house near the old school to feel the experience meet the vampire or anything from other world. When we arrive there, we felt very shocked. There was nothing there. The house disappeared with nothing left. I was mad until the madness was like forcing my tears to burst. I wondered where could the house go? And so, my friends asked me to join them haunting the ghost house. It’s sound cool and eerie. But, then I agreed. We started by searching at the ghost house site. And we found a large trace like a bigfoot. I sure that is a man-made footprint. When I tried to put my feet on the foot print, suddenly Mr. Saiful Apek come from nowhere laughing at me. He yelled loudly, “Hahaha, welcome to the club!!!”. And its make my hands trembling. I could not do anything except fainted. When I wake up, I was in the ‘Seekers’ show. I really excited to be the volunteer for the show. However, I realised that Apek had some sharp teeths. Oh no! Mr. Apek was a vampire! He try to suck my blood but suddenly, he was been shot. “Power Rangers to the rescue!”, said one of them. But they are not Power Rangers but a group of zombies, ghoul, ogre, orc, goblin, troll but weared Power Rangers suits. Has this world gone mad? Then, Apek arose and suddenly we heard “ Cut!”, said the director.
It is cold dark night. He cannot remember anything. He is sitting silently on his bed. Rain was pouring down heavily outside. It was really a very cold night. Cold until the shiver sent down his spine. He still there sitting try to remember anything he could. But he just remember the bad thing will happen to him. He always think about a horror think. The ghost that he saw when he was a kid. It makes him scared. The ghost haunting him until now. The ghost has a long hair, red eyes and its long is 15 feet. He know that the ghost will killed him. Suddenly, something pop up in his mind. He forgotten to do some science homework given last two days. And he was scared about his life suddenly. He felt like his life only a dustbin and the memories in it only rubbish. Then he felt brave. He is a man with wisdom and courage that he knew he wanted to see the ghost again. He decide to face the ghost one last time. The wind are blowing hard like a storm would coming. Suddenly, his telephone ring. His girlfriend invite him to go for a movie at Mahkota Parade. He accepts the invitation and asks his girlfriend to wait. When he is bathing, the telephone ringing again but this time the caller is not his girlfriend. A mysterious voice said “You will be killed in 7 days”. He was really happy to hear that. It is a sign that he win the ‘Seekers Show’ competition.

sbnr ny, byk g karangan atas nk tulih 23 cito..
pnt nk taip eh..huhu..
krgn2 tu smuo sbnr ny xtvt time kelas english..time tu form 5 kot..
miss yati nk suh rilek2 dio suh kitorg tulis krgn..kitorg kono sambung2 krgn..
actually tema bkn cter lawak dpt jo kat bdak laki, abes diorg tukar jd cter lawak..
sian dak2 pompuan wat ayat sodap2..huhu..sori korg..

nie la gmbr dak2 kelas den dulu..yg slalu jumpo skang fuad jo la..
da namo pon 1 course..huhu..yg laen tue, xtaw la bilo nk jumpo siyes nk gather balik ssh la sbb kbykn smua kt ovrc..
bbrp ketul je yg melepet kt sini termasuk la den..huhu..

p/s : rindu gilo zaman skola dl..kurus..ngeh3..

bangga skolah kat MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba~


  1. time kasih ssb ko org first :
    1.yg bkn dak utp yg komen..
    2.bdak jasin yg komen..


  2. bile ko nk kurus balik cam lam gamba tu? wee~
    (kate2 perangsang nih)

  3. haha..tgh berusaha kembali ke arah itu..