Wednesday, January 26, 2011

doesn't know where to start but it really doesn't matter..there's time in life where u think u have done ur best..yet u still can't find the satisfaction or some people call it 'ummphh' in teh tarik..everything seems so matter how hard u try in life, u can't always get what u want..

you can't always get what you want
but if you try sometimes you might find
you get what you need
-Rolling Stone-

yeah..maybe it's time for me to realize that what i got till now is what's the best for His servant, it's a MUST for me to believe it..never complain but learn to appreciate..

another phase
this internship period give me a sight about the outside world..bukan before this i live in underworld but somehow working life changed myself a bit..i get to know how to control my to lie to myself whenever i got problems..learn to hide my my best potential..

new phase
it's not i'm letting u go because i never own's not i'm giving up on u because it's never a's not i hate u because i never love's just accepting the destiny..maybe when i eventually learn to appreciate other people, u will do the same to me too..


aku halalkan semua..aku mintak maaf semua..aku cakap terima kasih semua..kau boleh teruskan dengan persepsi kau..tanggapan kau..karutan kau..aku bukan siapa2 untuk ubah..kau cakap aku fikir lebih2..aku terima..tapi kau?
now friends (as i know most of my readers are my friends or at least i think so la kan), it's up to u how to interpret this post..i can't stop or say whatever to ur mind/'s yours's ur full ownership..don't let other people disturb it or else u'll never get to know urself..u'll always be si bodoh for some people..u'll regret later..

for me
i just continue my race..appreciate those appreciate me for who i am..not for who they want me to be..

p/s : let's see who will be 'pigeon' ?i wonder who & need to hide urself as i already know who u really are..

xemo..siyesly, ak xemo..kisah lama..abaikan2~


  1. cmon nasri, u can do this!
    22 tahun ko idup, xkan mende kecik camni boleh lemahkan semangat ko?
    kawan2 sekeliling ade 2, yg bantu and yg bantut. u choose.
    and ak tau ko sentiasa pilih yg bantu :)

  2. yep2..of course aku choose yg bantu and u're one of them..nice to have u as a friend..dun worry la bro..insyaAllah, everything will be fine..^^

  3. how to lie to myself whenever got problems..deep meaning..2x B-) get through it boy!